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Dash Cam – Should I Bother?

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Dash cams are increasingly used by a number of drivers and businesses to record their journeys in a vehicle. There are a number of benefits to using these.


1. Can provide evidence of who was at fault in an accident by showing exactly what happened.
2. May be able to provide location and speed of the vehicle dependent upon the type of camera.
3. Can show a view of the driver to monitor things such as wearing a seatbelt, smoking, eating, drinking, reading the paper, on mobile phone, etc.
4. Can be activated via panic button in the event of the driver being threatened or other need to record an incident.
5. Can be detached to record accident scene details including numbers of passengers in other vehicles and items such as police officer identification numbers etc.
6. Can be used as evidence that a driver is not guilty of a criminal offence.
7. Can be used as all important witness evidence in the event of a major accident.
8. Can be used as a training aid for other drivers when looking at dash cam footage.

Used sensibly, a dash cam can be a valuable piece of equipment that can protect you from spurious or exaggerated claims and most drivers will see it as a useful tool after a short time, especially if they have had occasion to rely upon it as a defence.