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How Championing Mental Health At Work Can Save You Money

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At least 1 in 4 people will experience some kind of mental health problem each year, according to the Mental Health Foundation. The mental health crisis has come at a cost to UK businesses as well—research shows 70 million working days are lost each year due to mental health illness, costing employers £33 billion to £42 billion annually. 

By investing in mental health at your workplace, research shows you can achieve a significant ROI. In fact, improved mental health support can generate between £1.50 and £9 for every £1 spent from reduced turnover, fewer illness absences and increased productivity. Follow these guidelines to champion mental health at your workplace and reap the rewards: 

  • Develop mental health awareness among your employees.
  • Encourage conversation about mental health and highlight resources available for those who are struggling, such as a helpline or local support group.
  • Provide your employees with good working conditions, ensuring a healthy work-life balance and opportunities for career growth or personal development.
  • Monitor your employees’ mental health and well-being.

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