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The Sneaky Way The Heatwave May Have Damaged Your Premises

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This summer’s record-setting heatwave brought more consequences than just sunburns and sweat—it may have affected your property, too. Combined with little rainfall over the past couple months, the heatwave established an unusually dry climate, increasing the risk of subsidence for property owners. 

Subsidence, which occurs when the ground supporting a building moves downward due to shrinkage of clay soils, can often be identified by large, diagonal cracks in walls, both inside and outside the property. These cracks are typically tapered and can be many millimetres wide—typically cracks wider than 5 millimetres require extensive repairs. Industry data shows that the past six weeks have seen a 350 per cent increase in subsidence claims, totalling 20 per cent more incident reports compared to this time last year. 

Additional factors that place your property at risk of suffering subsidence include an excess of nearby trees that absorb the ground moisture—specifically those with long, deep roots (eg elms and oaks). Also, if your property is built on uneven ground, it may face greater risk due to a lack of stability. 

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