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Health And Safety Statistics For 2017-18 Are Here: Areas Where You Can Improve

Every year, the HSE releases updated workplace health and safety statistics, providing employers with the opportunity to see how their company ranks in terms of health and safety initiatives, as well as highlighting key areas for improvement. This year’s data revealed a total of 144 workplace fatalities—nearly a 5 per cent increase from the previous year. Review these key figures from the 2017-18 report to determine how your organisation can bolster their health and safety efforts: 

  • There are currently 1.4 million working people suffering from a work-related illness. The most common work-related illnesses include musculoskeletal disorders, occupational lung disease, stress, depression and anxiety.

  • Apart from 144 worker deaths this year, 555,000 non-fatal injuries occurred. Nearly 25 per cent of these injuries resulted in over seven days of absence, while 75 per cent resulted in up to seven days of absence. The top injuries include:
    • Slips, trips and falls
    • Handling, lifting or carrying
    • Being struck by an object

      • Great Britain suffered £15 billion in total costs due to work-related ill health (65 per cent) and injuries (35 per cent) this year. The total costs include both financial costs (loss of output, health care and other payments) and human costs (monetary valuation given to pain, grief, suffering and loss of life).

      Contains public sector information published by the HSE and licensed under the Open Government Licence v3.0.

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