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Commuter Chaos: Reduce Employees’ Transport Woes With These Steps

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While many employees find themselves stressed at work during one point or another, recent research revealed that simply getting to work is now half the battle. Of those who take public transport or drive to work, 25 per cent reported feeling stressed as a result of their daily commute, while 18 per cent said their travels to work made them miserable. Not to mention, 10 per cent of those who feel this way reported being less productive at work as a result. 

It is critical for you to take your employees’ work-related stress seriously, as untreated stress can result in increased sick days, decreased productivity and serious mental health complications such as depression or anxiety. Nearly 70 per cent of employees said they feel their employer could do more to decrease commuter stress. Don’t let your workplace become a statistic. Use the following tips to encourage a more positive commuter experience and reduce travel stress: 
  • Encourage flexible starting times to help workers avoid a high-traffic commute.
  • Offer workplace incentives that encourage cycling or walking to work.
  • Maintain proper changing facilities so that employees can comfortably walk or cycle rather than doing so in a uniform or professional attire.

For HSE guidance on reducing work-related stress, click here

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