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Help Your Home Stay Afloat During Flood Season With These Top Tips

As the UK enters flood season, there is a wave of serious risks that homeowners face in the event of a disastrous downpour. And, in recent years, the threat of flooding has become even more severe. Research revealed that seven of the nation’s 10 wettest years have occurred in the past two decades, with recent disasters such as Storm Desmond resulting in record-breaking rainfall, damage to 16,000 homes and a price tag of over £5 billion. Keep your property above water with this simple guidance: 

  • Monitor your risk—Different regions of the country possess greater flood risks than others. Be aware of the flood potential in your area by analysing a regional flood risk map. Click here for locations in England, here for Wales, here for Scotland and here for Northern Ireland.
  • Pay attention to forecasts—Especially if you live in an area with high flood risk, it’s crucial to pay attention to weather forecasts and receive the latest news on flooding conditions. Use resources such as the radio, television and social media to stay updated on potential flooding events in your area. In addition, consider signing up for government-issued flood alerts.
  • Use smart storage practices—If a flood does occur in your area, keep your valuables safe by storing them at higher levels. Consider implementing flood-proof designs such as raised electrical sockets, flood-resistant doors, resilient plaster, tiled floors and closed-cell type insulation. Lastly, try to install items such as the boiler upstairs, place items like the fridge on plinths and mount devices such as the television on the wall.

More than anything, you can prepare your home for flood season with proper buildings and contents insurance. For additional guidance, contact ICB Group today. 

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