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Don’t Let Your Elderly Employees Become A Statistic: How To Keep Them Safe

Recent HSE data revealed nearly 40 per cent of workplace fatalities in 2017-18 were workers above the age of 60, representing almost a 25 per cent increase from the previous year. And these numbers are particularly alarming considering those over the age of 60 represent just 10 per cent of the UK working population. Make sure your workplace protects elderly employees from potential risks with these tips:

  • Review your risk assessment—As you complete your routine risk assessment, be sure to include the potential risks that are specific to elderly workers. Depending on the nature of your organisation’s work, older employees might be more vulnerable in certain scenarios, such as during emergency evacuations.
  • Offer additional opportunities—Ensure that your elderly workers are competent and comfortable with their daily tasks by offering opportunities to reduce their on-site risks, such as providing additional time for them to absorb health and safety training, allowing employees the flexibility to transition to other types of work and limiting tasks that involve manual handling.
  • Involve your employees—Include elderly employees in health and safety planning, as they likely have valuable knowledge and experience to share.

For additional guidance, go to the HSE or contact ICB Group today.

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