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Multiple Companies Fined After Security Guard Is Killed

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Several companies have been fined following a fatal accident at the Immingham Docks. A security guard employed at the dock walked in front of an approaching HGV, causing the vehicle to run over the guard and kill him at the scene. Further investigation revealed Associated British Ports failed to provide signage requiring drivers to stop and report to security. In addition, ICTS (UK) Ltd did not offer adequate training for those stopping vehicles and DFDS Seaways PLC failed to carry out a suitable transport risk assessment. 

The companies have been fined the following amounts: 

1) Associated British Ports:

Fined £750,750 with costs of £9781.52

2) DFDS Seaways PLC:

Fined £166,670 with costs of £9766.02

3) ICTS (UK) Ltd:

Fined £500,000 with costs of £9338.82

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