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Don’t Let Frozen Temperatures Destroy Your Home: How To Handle Burst Pipes

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In the midst of winter, it’s difficult enough to keep warm between frigid temperatures, ice and snow—the last thing you want to deal with is burst or frozen pipes. Nevertheless, this concern takes the title as the top home insurance claim during the chilly season, according to industry experts. And while prevention methods are the best way to avoid suffering from pipe problems, it’s crucial to be prepared for the worst case scenario. Consider the following tips for handling a burst or frozen pipe this winter:

  • Keep it clear — As soon as you discover a frozen pipe, it’s important to clear the area and remove any nearby furniture, carpeting or other valuables. This way, you will suffer less damage if the pipe bursts.
  • Heat it up — Try defrosting a frozen pipe by applying moderate heat, such as from a hairdryer, heat tape or towel soaked in warm water. In addition, adding salt to frozen drains may speed up the thawing process. Avoid using extreme heat sources, such as a heat gun or blowtorch.
  • Power off — If the pipe ends up bursting, you should turn off the main water supply immediately. You can do so by accessing your home’s stopcock. Make sure you know where your stopcock is located and how to turn it off in advance. Additionally, be sure to power off your electricity supply and stay away from any electrical appliances. Finally, keep your taps open to help drain the system.

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