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Are You Looking To Improve Employee Wellness And Productivity At Work?

Vision care is rapidly becoming an essential healthcare management tool for many employers in the UK and overseas.

Did you know that...

  • 74% of the UK workforce wear corrective eye wear or have had laser surgery?
  • 123 million workdays are lost due to vision-related absenteeism?
  • 1 in 10 adults have never had an eye examination?
  • £8.4 billion per year is the estimated cost of absenteeism due to diabetes…

Eye examinations can identify signs of serious conditions like diabetes, hypertension and cholesterol before damaging symptoms emerge. This early detection can lead to a healthier workforce with reduced absenteeism and higher productivity.

At ICB Group, we are always looking for ways of enhancing our Health and Wellbeing offering, and are delighted to be working with VSP Vision Care who offer vision care plans and personalised eye care, from basic VDU duty-of-care programmes to enhanced vision cover schemes.

These comprehensive and dedicated eye care benefits are relatively new to the UK market, but we are seeing increased interest in them as employers are seeking different ways to demonstrate a commitment to workers’ well-being with demonstrable return on investment.

To find out more about how ICB Group can help with your employees’ eye health, or how vision care can be integrated into your existing Flexible Benefits programme, please call Stewart Neale on 07557 740 300 or email him at