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Don't Forgo Cover After Brexit. Use This To Pay Your Premiums

As Brexit continues to be the source of much business uncertainty, many organisations - especially SMEs - are worried that the outcome could result in serious cash flow concerns. What's worse, such an issue could make it more difficult for your business to pay for crucial operating costs, such as salaries, rent and even insurance premiums.  

And although securing proper cover for your business is important to ensure organisational success and protection, almost 50 per cent of SMEs admitted in a recent survey that paying their insurance premiums has a very significant impact on their ability to manage cash flow, with only 10 per cent labelling it as insignificant. 

Nevertheless, eliminating your cover isn't worth the risk. Let us help you manage your cash flow and premium payment problems after Brexit with the help of a Premium Finance Loan

Put simply, a premium finance loan allows your business to divide the cost of your premium into monthly payments rather than suffering cash flow consequences from paying a large sum all at once. Indeed, of the SMEs that have heard of using this premium payment method, over 60 per cent of them have since implemented it within their organisation. 

In the midst of Brexit, the last thing your business should have to worry about is their insurance payments. 

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