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Garden Theft Is On The Rise: Use This Guidance To Keep Your Lawn Safe

While summer can be a season filled with fresh blooms and the addition of colourful fauna throughout your garden, it’s also a time that carries an elevated risk of theft. And this concern isn’t to be confused with a few missing or munched-on leaves as a result of a small creature’s empty stomach—recent statistics revealed that the theft of valuable garden items (e.g. pots, tools, furniture or toys) increased by over 20 per cent last year. Don’t let your flower beds or your finances suffer from this rising problem. Use these helpful tips to help prevent garden theft: 

  • Lock it up—Simply having a garden gate won’t do the trick. Ensure maximum protection of your plot by installing multiple secure locks on all gate entrances and exits. If your garden has any hanging basket plants, be sure to secure them with locking brackets.
  • Plant smart—Take advantage of nature to deter thieves from your garden. Avoid planting tall trees or shrubs near the garden gate, as this makes it easier for thieves to hide or blend in. Try planting a variety of prickly fauna as a deterrent, such as hawthorn or blackthorn.
  • Install proper technology—For high-value items like garden tools or furniture, consider installing microchips that allow you to track their whereabouts if they get stolen.
  • Secure appropriate cover—Half of homeowners don’t have garden items included on their home insurance policy. You can’t afford to make the same mistake.

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