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Proactive support when you need it the most

When insuring through ICB you automatically gain access to our dedicated claims team, with a wealth of industry expertise.

Our service promise:

  1. Regard every claim as an opportunity to excel and add value to our service.
  2. Provide full assistance in compiling and presenting claims in their most complete form. Ensuring that attention is drawn to material information that may assist in achieving optimum settlement on behalf of our client.
  3. Attend meetings with Loss Adjusters and Claims Inspectors, where appropriate, to ensure client’s interests are protected.
  4. Remove as much unnecessary administration from our client’s as possible.
  5. Rigorously pursue all payments due to our clients, whether insured or uninsured losses – thus helping to maintain their cash flow.
  6. Proactively manage the claims process from start to finish, minimising any downtime for our client’s business and delivering long term savings as a result.
  7. Regularly review insurer claims reserves and query unrealistic reserve levels to ensure that an accurate claims experience is maintained, potentially improving renewal premiums and renewal terms.
  8. Challenge any insurer decision that we believe to be excessive or unjust based on the information at hand. No decision to reject a claim will be relayed to our client until it has been examined by the client’s Account Manager and/or the Claims Management Director.
  9. Post settlement claims analysis will be undertaken to and risk management recommendations made to assist in the avoidance of similar incidents in the future.

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