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Motor / Motor Fleet

Documentation & Guidance

This page will assist you in progressing your claim and offer general advice and guidance relating to motor/fleet claims.

In view of the recent Ministry of Justice reforms and the increasing amount of credit hire claims it is important to report claims as soon as possible in order to keep claims cost to a minimum.

  1. Please complete the form with as much information as possible – this will speed up the handling of your claim.
  2. Completed claim forms must be submitted immediately following a loss and include a detailed description and sketch plan and / or witness statements and addresses where available.
  3. If you receive a Letter of Claim, this must be sent to ICB immediately, as your insurers acknowledgement must be sent to the claimant or their representative within 21 days of their letter.
  4. All correspondence including writs, summons etc should be forwarded, unanswered, to ICB immediately upon receipt thereof.
  5. In most instances, approved repair facilities will be serviced by insurer’s engineers in order to speed up repair work. Where this applies, estimates should be submitted for approval. If labour charges are fairly low, ICB will normally be able to provide immediate telephone authorisation for repair work. Otherwise, we will organise this with Insurers. Invoices should be forwarded to ICB in order to arrange payment, although for claims involving Engineers, invoices for the insurable portion will often be sent to insurers direct, i.e. net of excess and VAT and where applicable.
  6. As part of our standard service, ICB provide the pursuit of claims against third parties for uninsured losses i.e. excesses, hire charges and other direct consequential losses.
  7. If you are in doubt about anything, please contact us.
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