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Food Delivery Insurance

Food Delivery Insurance / Fast Food Delivery Insurance for business owned vehicles and occasional business use for employees own vehicles.

Delivery use is provided under motor insurance schemes for couriers and taxis as standard, but there has never been any such scheme for food delivery, until now!

Many food delivery businesses employ owner drivers to carry out their deliveries. They hope the employee will arrange their own insurance cover by extending their own private car insurance. Unfortunately, the majority of insurers are unwilling to provide such an extension to a standard motor insurance policy. The employee may have requested business use, but unless the insurer has specifically noted the business of the employee as a food delivery driver and has agreed to provide the correct hire & reward cover for food delivery, the reality is they are driving without insurance whenever they are carrying out a food delivery.

If you would like a quotation, please complete the Contact Me form by clicking on the Contact Me button on the left of the page, and we will respond to you within 1 hour. Alternatively, you can call 0178 460 8100 and ask for our business development team.

For more information about the cover download our Food Delivery Brochure.

They were very prompt with their response. Gave a competitive quote and knew the answers to all of our questions.

Stephen Hemsley
Domino’s Pizza UK & IRL PLC