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Credit Insurance

Guiding your business with a clear vision

ICB Credit is an established insurance team with experience in a wide range of business sectors. Our Credit Insurance solutions provide leverage against bad debts incurred within the business trading cycle and will lead to improving cash flows. We will work with you to understand the unique requirements of your business, along with changing industry conditions, to provide a tailor-made solution that will allow growth with confidence.

Trade Credit Insurance
Explained In 2 Minutes

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Watch our two-minute videographic, which explains what Trade Credit Insurance is, and why you should consider it for your business.

How to protect your
business from bad debt

How to protect your business from bad debt
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Learn more about Credit Insurance, it's benefits, and what ICB Group can offer

  • 50% of all UK insolvencies involve customers who were once prompt payers
  • 80% of business to business transactions are on a credit basis
  • 35% the average amount of company assets tied up in sales ledger
  • 98% of companies cash flow has been affected by late payment
Benefits for your business:
Increased Revenue

Your ability to offer better credit terms to your customers by removing the risk to your assets, giving you greater opportunity to increase sales, revenue and profit.

Higher Credit Ratings

Your Suppliers will feel more secure in offering credit terms knowing your business is protected against bad debts.

Competitive Advantage

Credit Insurance lets you offer more competitive terms, safe in the knowledge that whatever happens your sale will be protected.

Easier Access to Finance

If you need to obtain trade finance to fund your contracts, simply assign your policy claim payments to your financiers, this will give them assurance that their investment is secure.

Continuation of Cash Flow

Your policy will provide cover in the event of payment default or your customer’s insolvency, ensuring minimal disruption to your cash flow.

Early Warning

Gain access to a network of credit information which can alert you to high risk companies, before you expose your company to unnecessary risk.

To learn more about our Credit Services, take a look at our Credit Insurance Brochure .

I first met Umberto Oliva (Director of Credit Division) when he visited our offices in 2011. We had been self-insuring for the 2 previous years with mixed results and felt that there was a credit policy out there somewhere which suited us but which we were yet to find. We did not want a whole turnover policy as we felt that this restricted us from making our own decisions, but we did want to cover the top 15 – 20% of our customers who made up the bulk of our credit risk. Umberto impressed us with his honest approach to our requirements and went out to the market to find the product that best suited our needs. Having found the right product and presenting us with a detailed evaluation we subsequently signed up with CIFS and have stayed with them ever since. Umberto and his team are always on hand to help liaise between us and our underwriter, we meet at regular intervals to review our current limits and to discuss any additional or increased cover, and the attentive way that they manage our account is second to none. I cannot recommend ICB highly enough for any business that is considering credit insurance.

Paul McEntee
Accounts Manager
Bentley Designs (UK) Ltd